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The Importance of Proper Exercise

The older we get, the more important it is to exercise. Through exercise, you can maintain your health and your ability to continue living the life you want. This is important because as we age our bodies will become more and more fragile, thus the importance of finding ways to maintain our health. Here are … Continue reading

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3 Tell-tale Signs Your Senior Might Already Need a Caregiver

When do we really know that our senior loved ones need the assistance of a caregiver? Perhaps, we can never determine unless we personally observe them. Our parents or grandparents will never admit that they already have a hard time maintaining their lifestyle on their own. They want to show us that they can be … Continue reading

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Tips to Regain Balance after Stroke Accident

The challenges of stroke don’t end after getting off its critical stage, where clots have been dissolved and brain tissue perfusion has been improved. You still need to face the longest phase in stroke recovery, and that is its rehabilitation. However, it is sad to note that stagnant recovery has been prevalent even with innovations … Continue reading

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The 6 Secrets to a Happy Elderly Life

True enough, there are countless challenges that can only be faced when one is in the twilight of his years. Immobility weakened the immune system, and failing eyesight are just a few. Nonetheless, these factors should not deprive a senior citizen in living a decent and worthwhile life. Happiness is free, and it is for … Continue reading

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Is Counseling Really Effective?

Some people take counseling for granted. Some say that counseling is just equivalent to a friend listening and comforting you when you feel down. But actually, counseling is based on solid theories about human behavior, cognition, and emotion. Counseling and therapy are effective, most especially if the person and the loved ones involved are willing … Continue reading

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A Boost of Opportunities for a Nurse Aide

Are you thinking of receiving proper training to become a nurse aide? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Before anything else, you should know that nurse aides work under the supervision of physicians or nurses. They address a patient’s basic needs such as bathing, grooming, feeding, and taking good care of the patient. They … Continue reading

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The Beauty in Old Age

Many people view old age in a negative light. After all, who wants to grow old? Old age can make even the smallest things a challenge to do. However, living in your golden years does have its perks and old age can be beautiful and serene. Especially with compassionate Home Health Care Services in Columbus, … Continue reading

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Preventing Depression in Your Golden Years

Growing older can make it more and more difficult for you to do the things you love. After all, you are not as young as you used to be. This can be pretty depressing. No one wants to lose their independence and no one wants to face the possibility of not being able to do … Continue reading

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The Truth About Speech Problems of Seniors

Health problem is not just limited to our physical well-being. It could mean mental health or even our oral health. Speech impairment is a growing health problem among seniors because this can be a byproduct from stroke or any major defect on a person’s vocal communication. Communication is an important part of a person’s life. … Continue reading

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Why Caregivers are your Unsung Modern Day Heroes

Due to the increasing demand in the healthcare industry, the job of a caregiver has become mundane for most of us. We often take our caregivers for granted because they seem to be a normal thing for them to do. What we fail to see are the little sacrifices they make to make our lives … Continue reading

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